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Nearby Attractions

Island Hopping Tour Desk, Nopparat Thara Beach 0.2 km
Ao Nang Krabi Boxing Stadium 1 km
McDonald's, Aonang 1.1 km
Aonang Mosque 1.3 km
Krua Thara Seafood Restaurant 2.1 km
Ao Phai Plong 2.1 km
Railay Rock Climbing Point 4.4 km
Phra Nang Cave 4.6 km
Princess Lagoon 4.7 km
Krabi Kart Speedway 6.6 km

Aonang Beach&Nopparat Beach
Ao Nang is part of Hat Nopparat Thara National Park - Phi Phi Islands is the center of Krabi sea tourism. It is the location of resorts, restaurants, tour companies, providing tours to the islands of Krabi such as Thale Waek, Koh Poda, Koh Phi Phi, and Mu Koh Hong. It is a boat rental point to visit various places such as Railay Beach, Phra Nang Cave and various islands. Attractions in the Krabi Sea area of ​​Ao Nang is located along the beach road for a distance of 6 kilometers is a long sandy beach. There is a road along the beach. There are mountains between the beaches. The surrounding scenery is strangely beautiful. On the east side of the bay are rock caves, stalactites and stalagmites named Phra Nang Cave, and in front of Ao Nang are 83 large and small islands that are rocky. Some strange shapes resemble boots, junk boats, bird heads and others. These island groups such as Poda Island, Yaman Island, Bating Ming Island, Yawasa Island, Lading Island, Mor Island, Thap Island, etc. Ao Nang is regarded as Another beautiful sunset spot

 Phi Phi Islands
Phi Phi Islands are part of the National Park. Nopparat Thara Beach - Phi Phi Islands In the past, the inhabitants of the sea called these islands. "Pulao Piapi", the word "Pulao" means an island, the word "Piapi" means a type of sea-tree species and mangroves, later called "the beginning of the year", which later became "Phi Phi". which is known as the kingdom of blooms under the sea, most tourists come to this island for snorkeling. Beautiful sea anemone and colorful fish

Shell Cemetery (Susan Hoi)
Ban Laem Pho beach on the northeast side of the national park area contains fossils of freshwater mollusks. Most of them are periwinkle. It is about 2 centimeters long. The remains of these shellfish have been deposited together by the calcareous cement to form a hard rock on top of the lignite and shale layers. From the geological base, it was found that the age of the shell cemetery was about 40. -20 million years

Railay Beach

It is a fine white sand beach along the gorges, which Railay Beach is well known among tourists. Especially those who love rock climbing and Railay Beach is divided into East Railay Beach (Hat Nam Mao) and West Railay Beach. There are rocks between the two beaches. The beach area has many accommodation for tourists. It is accessible by boat from Ao Nang, takes 10 minutes.

       Railay Beach. Many people may think that it is an "island", but actually Railay Beach is located on the land. But having to travel by boat because Railay Beach is surrounded by mountains on all sides. causing people to travel to Railay Beach Must take a boat only This may be another result that the villagers at Railay Beach have not been swallowed by technology or prosperity. Including the way of life of a small fishing village that has adapted to the times. while maintaining the traditions and living life perfectly

       However, besides the beautiful water, clear sea, Railay Beach is also known as having The "sunset" is stunningly beautiful. because when the sun goes down The sunlight reflects off the rocks down to the bay. Picture of coconut trees lined up in rows. Fishing boats lined up on the shore The image was like a peaceful paradise.

        In addition, Railay Beach is also featured in rock climbing activities because Railay Beach has many limestone cliffs. Rock climbing at Railay can be done all year round. During the month of April every year There will be activities "Climbing" and the area that is popular for rock climbing is the area. Railay East, Ton Sai Bay and Phra Nang Nai Cave


Khao Kanab Nam

Krabi River There are two mountains, 100 meters high, next to the river. These two mountains are called Khao Khanap Nam. There is a Tham Phra Cave in the area. with stalactites and stalagmites It's very beautiful and has ancient human skeletons, indicating that it used to be an ancient community.

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